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Heal the gut. Optimize the brain. live Fully.


Our natural medicine practice and workshops are based in San Diego, with services available virtually anywhere in the comfort of your home and on the road, conducted by Talia Allix Kahan a purveyor of East-West medicine.


Heal and optimize :       Ayurveda. Yoga. Meditation. Herbalism.


Talia Allix Kahan opened in 2013 and is based in Santa Monica but travels often to teach and is accessible anywhere. Since 2013, natural medicine practitioner Talia Allix Kahan has been serving people of all ages and backgrounds and embarking on daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of holistic healing.

Talia's integrative approached was gleaned from years of study around the world, reflecting her sensibilities towards indigenous knowledge while also paying tribute to conventional medicine. The multi faceted healing approach offers assistance to the health forward, busy professional, college student, performance optimizer, and those that are simply sick.



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