Ayurveda & Herbalism  

I use Ayurveda, Indian Medicine and Western Herbalism to treat body, mind, and spirit ailments. I examine tongue and pulse in addition to asking questions, to determine health conditions. Together, you and I create a plan for lifestyle, diet, exercise, meditation, body therapies, and herbal concoctions to heal body, mind and spirit.

to see how i can best be of service, please contact me for a free consult.

Ayurveda literally translates to the science of life. It is a 5,000 year old healing system that originated in India. It recognizes three primary energies (doshas) in the body - air (vata), fire (pitta), and earth (kapha). Each individual is born with a certain birth constitution (vikruti), a combination of these doshas, when in balance with our current constitution (prikruti) we feel healthy, happy and full of life able to pursue our highest purpose. The root of imbalanced doshas can be the result of imbalances in mind, body, and spirit.

Western Herbalism is a system of healing that interweaves British folk remedies and Native American wisdom. Its philosophical roots are based in Hippocrates’ Four Humors, hot, wet cold, and dry. Western Herbalism recognizes the benefits of local flora and fauna to guide the humors back to a state of balance.

Where do I even start? Talia is so incredible. She is not only the nicest person around, she’s also so patient and brilliant. She has helped me understand the different types of food that work best for my body type and the best ayurvedic supplements that have helped with my digestion! She took her time to listen to what I was wanting to change for my health and carefully created a plan to help me achieve those goals. Thank you Talia for your help and support! So grateful!
— Nikki Nachum, Marriage and Family Therapist
I highly recommend Talia for anyone seeking increased health and wellness. Talia is a natural born healer, someone whose experience traveling around the world has enhanced her innate ability to heal whatever it is that ails her clients. She takes the time to meet with you and asks thoughtful questions to develop a custom approach so you can become your healthiest self. She checks in regularly along the way from a place of caring, offering not just guidance but support.
— David Guccione, Nu Roots, Jewish Federation of Los Angeles

Meditation and Yoga


I teach meditation and yoga for individuals, colleges, organizations, businesses, and small groups.

To see how i can best be of service, please contact me for a free consult.


     Integrates body, mind, and soul.

              It is physically challenging, is playful for the mind, and inspires the soul.

Our style is Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind Yoga. We integrate trauma as we ground, resource and orient into the present moment.

  • Vinyasa


      Calms the body, relieve stress, and balances emotions.

                It focuses attention, instigates creativity, and rewires synapses.

  • Vipasana (Buddhist, mindfulness) 
  • Zen (Japanese)
  • Shambahla (Tibetan)

We integrate other mind-body-spirit healing modalities learned from workshops, seminars, certificates and travel.

Alexander Technique (a movement awareness practice) & 5 Rhythms-Dance (a movement meditation)

Talia opened me up. She is a wonderful asana teacher. Well versed and empathic during her sessions. But there’s a difference between a teacher and Talia. Through her knowledge & study of the self and Ayurveda she was able to add to my life beyond asana and into the other limbs. Through intuition, Talia showed up as many things, a yogi, a healer, a medicine woman & friend to me while working with her. A true shift in my life happened when she entered my world.
— Bria Marley, The Fitness Marshall
Talia Allix Kahan, embodies a deep and authentic yoga philosophy, based on a platform of insight and loving kindness meditations. Talia lives and breathes yoga as a daily practice that permeates her being.

Sharing space with Talia for anyone is a blessing. She has cultivated her in moment presence to a high level that is instantly discernible to all and anyone she engages with. Talia takes seriously her local community and global reach. Yet she maintains a lightness, zaniness and spunk that will put any student at ease that combines focus, love, practicality, and play.

Talia’s steadfast resilience, won of many years of truly consistent and disciplined daily application of ancient and modern wisdom, allows others to heal themselves and in turn better others. Her guided meditations have evolved to bring immediate clarity and greater freedom to wide audiences. Talia’s teaching is instantly recognized experientially with an all too rare blend of tacit profundity and tangible practicality.
— Sky Roberts, PhD Professor of Positive & Neuropsychology, Hypnotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Neurolinguistic Programmer