1. Integrative Health Studies

    1. Pitzer College (2009-2013)

      1. Raw Food & Shamanism (Costa Rica Study Abroad)

      2. Ayurveda, Meditation, Farming, Yoga (India Study Abroad)

  2. Meditation

    1. Maps of UCLA (2013)

    2. Deer Park Monestary (2016 - current)

  3. Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind Yoga

    1. exhale (2013)

    2. Street Yoga (2013)

  4. Herbalism

    1. Herb Pharm (2013)

    2. Rehmannia - Chinese Medicine (2014)

    3. Fruits to the Roots (2014-2015)

    4. Dr. Jayagopal (2015)

  5. Ayurveda

    1. American University of Complimentary Medicine (2014-2015)

  6. Basic Western sciences

    1. Southern california university of health sciences (2016-2017)

Hello there! Welcome. I am so glad we found one another.

Once upon a time I was




            in pain

               and irritable

And then I found plant medicine. Plant medicine changed my life. It fostered my communion with mother earth and the ability to meditate with and intuitively understand plants. I fell in love. I learned that plants can be the wisest of teachers and dearest of friends.

A bit further down the the line I discovered Ayurveda. Within weeks my stomach pain subsided, my foggy thinking diminished, and I felt alive, present, and balanced unlike ever before.

I became


   Clear minded


         and Free of Pain

Today I practice as a natural medicine practitioner. I have studied herbalism,  nutrition, exercise, body therapies, lifestyle, positive psychology, meditation, and yoga to help you feel like the best version of yourself.

I have learned these modalities traveling the world to over forty countries, where I studied countless techniques for healing body, mind, and spirit.

These techniques include

  • Western and Ayurvedic Herbalism
  • Raw vegan prep, juicing, and Ayurvedic cooking
  • Ayurvedic and Western nutrition
  • Shambahla, Zen, and Vipasana meditation
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Fermenting
  • Panchakarma cleansing therapies
  • Sacred Shamanic plant ceremonies
  • Energy healing
  • Ecstatic dance
  • Biodynamic farming
  • Deep ecology environmentalism
  • House building with adobe and bamboo
  • Non violent communication
  • Conflict meditation

Today I work

  • One-on-one with clients on health goals.
  • Leading yoga and meditation classes.
  • Guiding workshops on natural medicine modalities.
  • Selling cold brewed organic herbal teas.

I am passionate about growth and aim to make your body, mind, soul, community, and environment a little happier and healthier.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you.